Saying Goodbye To 2017

December 29, 2017

This year was full of trials, tribulations and celebrations. Momentous milestones such as my 18th birthday and finishing full-time education symbolised the year. In this blog post, I want to document this year, a recap of my 2017.

January started with a trip to Dublin, travelling for the first time without my parents. Instead, I was joined by my friend, Claire. This trip was the beginning of my growing independence. We spent our time eating the cheapest food possible, soaking up all the culture and having a magical time. I really felt like I was living out my youth and exploring new places as I had done like a youngster.

The month seemed to be a period where I pushed myself outside my comfort zone. Previously, I had never been interested in learning to drive, I always thought I would do it after I graduated university, but something in January clicked and I booked myself a driving lesson on January 10th. While driving has not been the easiest for me (especially when I decided to take two months out!) I can now say it was one of the best decisions and come three weeks time I will be taking my practical test. Later in the year, I bought my first car. I had spent months researching, and I must say my dad was a star and took me all around the North West to try and find the perfect car.

On a similar front, I decided to post my first 'proper' YouTube video. This had been a goal for a number of years, but I could never build up the courage. Often, I was preoccupied with the thought of social stigma that came with posting videos on the internet, but in reality, YouTube has allowed my confidence to grow and creative side to flourish. I love editing projects and communicating with people all over the world. One of my resolutions for 2018 is to post videos frequently. I will end this year with nearly 500 subscribers which some may think is small, but I think its kind of crazy! I was also featured on FunForLouis' video, which was extremely odd, knowing your face has been seen by over one million people.

Whilst life was going swimmingly for the first few months of the year, May, brought a different turn of events. I officially finished college and started my A-level exams. I decided I wasn't going to university and instead take a gap year. My decision about my future was faced with criticism, not from my family, but from others around me. I knew I wanted to be a journalist but heard mixed reviews about Journalism degrees. I didn't want to push myself into doing something I wasn't 100% happy with, after all, paying £9,000 a year, just for tuition fees, is a lot of money.

Something, I have never spoken about publicly on my blog or YouTube channel is the Manchester terror attack. Five terrorist incidents have taken place this year in the UK, all of which are barbaric and condemnable. As you may know, I live about 30 minutes away from Manchester. Friends were at the Ariana Grande concert and have been affected by what took place. What should have been a night of fun ended in tragedy, and my thoughts go out to those still suffering. I'm going to insert a link here to the UK Solidarity Fund, where you can donate any spare change to help victims of terror across the UK.

Come July, I had finished all my A-level exams and was on my way to Spain with my family. My dad and I donned our backpacks, baseball caps and tin foiled sandwiches and explored the Costa Del Sol. Marbella was my favourite place we visited with the beautiful Cabopino coming a close second. I spent the remainder of the summer, eating all the pub food and relaxing in Devon.

The last few weeks in August were hectic. I received my A-level results, travelled to Amsterdam with Claire and finished the month in Rome for my 18th birthday. It was definitely a memorable send off to my childhood.

For the past couple of months, I have been immersing myself in my passion; journalism. I am currently completing the NCTJ, a qualification required to work in print and I have completed work experience. Journalism is an adventurous and rewarding career and I can't wait to see where it takes me.

Just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has followed my blog/YouTube channel and to my family and friends for being amazing as usual.

What was your 2017 like?

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