Understanding The Christmas Spirit - Liverpool Christmas Light Switch On And Bar Hütte

November 11, 2017

Is it too early to talk about Christmas? I think not! On Thursday 9 November I was invited to the Christmas lights switch on, whilst reporting for the Liverpool Echo.

The night differed from other Christmas lights switch on's as no celebrity opened the night. Instead, we were treated to performances, fireworks, confetti and a Disney bonanza.

Starting at 4pm the festive atmosphere was in full swing as Christmas trees, glitter balls and Christmas bell ornament humans walked and posed for photos around Paradise Street.

The night progressed with comedy sketches, flash mobs and street performers riling up the crowds.

There were many reasons why this night was special...

For starters, holding an event in Liverpool will always gage a good atmosphere. Scousers are known for being loud and friendly. The event production matched up to the vibrant personalities with bangs, whoops and surprises in abundance.

But, the most memorable party of the night is that I got to spend some time with my dad, counting down together, drinking with one another in Bar Hutte and generally just having a giggle away from any pressures of society.

You may think that the humongous crowds and blaring music would be oppressive, but the night was rather relaxing as everyone was appeared to be enjoying themselves and taking in the intoxicating festive vibes.

And that's why this year, for one of the first times, I truly understood what Christmas, at the core, was essentially about- family, friends and love. Standing with my dad and total strangers singing together (Mariah Carey - FYI!) felt like a big family. It brought the Christmas spirit to the city and a kind and positive atmosphere which the current climate desperately requires.

To those who organised the event and the many volunteers that helped, thank you for hosting such a brilliant night. Also, kudos to Gilly, the events manager of Bar Hutte who made my dad and I feel very welcome.

How are you celebrating the start of the festive season?

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