18 Things I Want To Do Before I Am No Longer 18

September 20, 2017
When I posted my 18 things I have learned in 18 years video, I received a comment asking what I would like to achieve whilst I am 18 and it got me thinking... 

As I have decided to take a gap year before I go to university next year, the year is literally my own. I can do what I want when I want. Whilst, that is exciting it is also slightly nervewracking as I have to structure my own day, no longer have I got sixth-form telling me when and what to do. At this moment the world really is my oyster. 

So, what would I like to achieve before the year is up? 

Trip to Barcelona

1. Visit New York 
2. Complete my NCTJ to gold standard 
3. Grow www.lottiegibbons.com
4. Tour somewhere in Asia 
5. Learn First Aid 
6.  Travel to Dubai 
7. Pass my practical driving test
8. Be like a Parisian in Paris 
9. Grow my YouTube channel
10. At least attempt to learn basic French (bonjour!) 
11. Gain work experience as a print journalist
12. Decide what degree I want to do and where
13. Volunteer in a charity project 
14. Gain experience as a broadcast journalist 
15. Visit my friends at University
16.  Tick a country of my bucket list
17. Embrace the present
18. Have a unique surprise experience

Have you made any goals recently?

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