Why I Like Travel Vloggers And Who Are My Favourite?

August 01, 2017
Many moons ago I discovered YouTube. Back then I was watching Paul's Boutique collections (anyone remember that phase?!) and Lush hauls. However, gradually I branched out into different areas of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. For a good number of years, I didn't even know 'travel vloggers' existed until I watched 'FunForLouis'. Louis Cole was like the Messiah of travel vloggers, paving the way for this new generation. His videos led me to others and slowly I developed a love for this community. 

Here are my favourites

FunForLouis/Louis Cole
As aforementioned 'Funforlouis' is the O.G of travel vloggers. Perhaps, I am biased as I have featured on his channel (see video here), but the reason why I love watching his videos is that he is so laid back despite travelling non-stop. Additionally, he is a risk taker which works for and against him - take the North Korea vlogs for example. However, ultimately it is his fuel and energy towards life which gives him a USP, his life motto that he ends his videos with is "Live the adventure". Inspiring words indeed. 

Some of his most popular videos include: 

Backpacking Bananas/Christianne Risman
Someone you may not have heard of is Christianne better known as Backpacking Bananas. Aside from her insane eyelashes, on her channel, you will find her travels, but also some amazing advice. As a YouTuber, she is bubbly, chatty and full of fun. Her videos are engaging and follow a well-structured narrative. 

Some of her most popular videos include: 

Casey Neistat
If you're speaking of travel you can't miss out Casey Neistat. Casey doesn't need an introduction. He is one of the most popular YouTubers at the moment currently gaging 7.5 million subscribers. Most of his day to day videos in New York will gain 2 million views in under 48 hours. What makes Casey so special? His cinematography is out of this world. The camera angles, drone footage and time-lapses are epic and fill you with wanderlust. 

Some of his most popular videos include:

Where's Mollie?/Mollie Bylet 
You may have heard of 'Where's Mollie?' from her blog. However, this travel addict does, in fact, have a YouTube channel and her videos do not disappoint. Her travel videos consist of a traditional vlogging style where you see her from the start of her adventure right to the end, meaning you can see exactly where she goes, eats etc which can prove useful to those interested in the area. 

Some of her most popular videos include: 

Evan Edinger 
If you like humorous, pun filled videos Evan is your man. Whilst having a main channel, Evan's side channel is filled with travel vlogs ranging from his adventures from Asia to Hawaii. You may also see some famous faces on his channel such as Dodie Clark or Zoella who he is friends with. So, if you want a travel video that will boost your spirits and have you in pieces; check out Evan's channel. 

Some of his most popular videos include: 
- Floating on the Dead Sea

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Do you watch any of these YouTubers?
 I would love to hear if you have any recommendations? 

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