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August 20, 2017
Recently I visited the Maritime city that is Bristol. Situated in the South-West of England, the city is surrounded by the River Avon which runs straight through the centre. When I was there, I only had 12 hours to explore and get to grips with what the city was all about. 

The first thing that I would recommend before we go into any of the attractions is booking a walking tour. Whilst, there are many to choose from, I would recommend Bristol Free Walking Tour which is a company where you pay at the end of the tour for what it was worth. 
Bristol is a city that is quite spread out so it can be difficult to get your bearings. A walking tour is a perfect way to see the main hotspots of a destination. 

Top Tip: Wear comfortable shoes. Bristol is a city that is quite hilly and as aforementioned spread out, so you will be covering quite a lot of ground. Trainers are a good call. 

The Clifton Suspension Bridge 

Probably the most iconic sight of Bristol, this bridge spans back to 1831 when construction first started connecting Bristol and North Somerset. For a 19th century piece of architecture, you can see that the bridge is revolutionary in the technology and planning that went into it. 

There are two options to view the Bridge. I would recommend both. To view the bridge of its whole entirety, climb Observatory Hill where you will see a panoramic aspect of the bridge. Good for photographs. 
Next, you MUST walk the bridge. This will give you a real idea of the hard labour that went in to creating this bridge. I was in awe of the length, width and height. (maybe not for those who suffer from acrophobia!) 

Bristol Cathedral

Everytime I travel to a city in the UK, I visit a cathedral. What you'll find is the unique grandeur of the building in comparison to the time period it was built. Bristol is no exception. As you can see the beauty is in its architecture; stylised columns and archways prove Bristol Cathedral to be one of the most decadent in the UK. 
Entry is free compared to many other cathedrals so well worth a visit. 

Bristol Museum and Art Gallery 
Whilst, this may not be the best museum and art gallery in the world, for free entry it certainly isn't bad. I found the art gallery better than the museum even seeing the brilliant La belle dame sans merci painting based on Keats' poem. Similarly, the Egypt exhibition proved interesting. I would say if you have the time, definitely take a look around.


Speaking of art; the anonymous artist Banksy (Bristol born) has graffiti work in the city, to which no visit would be complete without spotting one. Famously, this graffiti titled the 'Well-Hung Lover' is next door to a sexual health clinic and was debated whether or not to be kept.

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See my vlog for a more in depth view of Bristol: 

Whilst, these are my top attractions there is plenty more to see and do in Bristol. 
Have you ever been?  
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