What Do I Do Now? Post Exam Relax Tips

August 03, 2017
If you have read my last day in education post, you will know that I finished college a couple of weeks ago. 

Before that, I was revising c o n s t a n t l y. My time was always filled up with essay practice, essay plans and flashcards rarely leaving any time for myself. This had been a constant feature of my life for the past 4 months. 

So, when I finished there was an odd mixture of feelings that arose. Relief that I never had to test myself on flashcards again, but also a sense of emptiness. What was I meant to do now? All I had known was 6:45 am rise - revise, revise, revise and now I could do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. 

Similarly, doing my A-levels had provided me with a goal, an aspiration. After speaking with friends, they also felt a similar way. They told me of creating a mental to do list at night and realising they didn’t actually have anything to do. Additionally, many spoke of feeling purposeless. 

How do we combat this? 

1. Treat Yourself. Have that shopping trip you've been wanting to do for so long but never found the time. 

2. Talk About It. Often just having a conversation with your friends can show that you're not alone in how you feel. 

3. Clean Your Study Space. One of the first things I did when I finished my exams was choosing to blitz my room of anything school related. This helps you get in the mind frame of Summer. 

4. Set a goal for summer. Maybe that is learning a new language or a fitness aim. 

5. Exercise. Often the relief of endorphins will help combat any feelings of stress and anxiety. Yoga can be beneficial to those who feel an absence of focus. 

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Do you have any tips? 
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