Have I Achieved My Goals?

August 29, 2017
As I have many new readers on my blog (hello!) you may not remember a post I did last year titled '18 Things To Do Before You Turn 18'. Well, guess what? Tomorrow I turn 18, so I thought I would reflect and see how well I did at achieving the tasks set out. 

1.Go abroad with a friend 
So far so good, I smashed this goal twice. I went with Claire to Dublin in January and Amsterdam in August without my family before I turned 18! It definitely is a game changer when it comes to increasing independence. 

Go abroad outside of Europe
Does planning to count?! As much as it would have been lovely to visit another continent, timings were unfortunately off this year. 
However, next year I 100% will be travelling to multiple continents! 

Learn to drive 
Whilst I have yet to take my driving test, I am having lessons and most importantly actually enjoying the driving process. Although, I have to admit it is still quite scary... 

Dublin Trip in January. 
Go to a blogger event
I have been invited to a major blogger event happening this September, so I am ticking this one off! More will be revealed soon about the brand, but let's just say ITS A BIG DEAL. 

Apply mindfulness 
Girllllll, this one I have been there, done that and bought the t-shirt. During my A-Level mocks and exams, mindfulness was my saving grace. To this day I credit my results to mindfulness. 

Try new food
So, I wrote in my post that I wanted to try French food. I kid you not two days after I wrote that post I went to a French restaurant in York and ate french cuisine... not too bad.... 
Still, I had Spanish paella and wow, a m a z i n g.

Go to a concert/festival
The idea last year was to go to Parklife festival in Manchester. Which I was all up for - until the organisers chose to put the event a day before one of my A level exams. This goal was a complete and utter flop, oh well always next year! 

Look away now veggies!! The famous Spanish Paella.
Do something extreme
Does doing three A Level mock exams on the same day count? 

Gain first aid skills 
This is still on my list of to do's. The value of knowing first aid is essential. I have been looking at dates for the Salford course and have it cemented as something I want to do during my gap year. 

Write a letter to my future self
Cliche and cringe galore here, but yes I have a letter ready to open on my 18th birthday. 

Go to dinner/cinema by myself 
Ticked off - cue many a lunch date this year... with myself. 

Be more experimental with makeup
Well, this went completely down hill. For the majority of summer, I haven't even worn makeup. I still have time to become Michelle Phan though... 

Just me, myself and I
Feed a penguin
The closest I got to this was feeding the ducks in the local canal. To be honest, I think this may have been an unrealistic goal to set. (maybe just a little)

Understand what I want to do after 18
This time last year I was having a major existential crisis over my future. Uni, apprenticeship, gap year, full-time job?!?!?
I chose a gap year and I am extremely happy with my decision. Number 1 advice kids - don't rush important choices. Take some time out and consider your options. 

To stand up for myself
This has proved necessary this year in the blogging/vlogging world. Not only have I received negative comments online, but also from fellow peers. Justifying myself became particularly paramount in November/December and as Britney said: "Now I am stronger than yesterday". 

Restart Golf
This summer I frequently went on the golf course and driving range. I forgot how good golf genuinely is and how much I enjoyed it. Safe to say, I brought my clubs back home and can't wait to get back in the game. 

18. A Surprise
The number of opportunities I have had this year and upcoming has been unreal. In September, I will be one step closer to my dream of becoming a journalist, which this time last year seemed like a distant hope.

 Fingers crossed for next year! 

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