Going Abroad : Villa/Apartment or Hotel

August 06, 2017

As many of you know I have been away a few times this year and often we have the dilemma of whether to stay in a hotel or villa/apartment. Often, we deliberate this for weeks before we actually book and it is difficult to define exactly what you want out of accommodation. 
Thus, I created this table showing the positives and negative of staying in a hotel or villa/apartment so you can see which one matches your itinerary best. 

- You have your own space, usually bigger than a hotel could ever offer On site help 24/7 - have an issue? It can be solved 
- Timings are your own - breakfast, lunch, dinner. Can choose what you want to eat   All inclusive option means no cooking, washing up and can often prove more cost-effective.
- Authentic experience of local life Amenities often included for free e.g. wifi
- No blaring music from hotel entertainment that lasts till 2am  Community atmosphere - have a chat with other visitors and hear opinions 
- No having to get up early morning to save a sun lounger.  More likely to get what you see and paid for. Less disappointment. 

If you go away, where do you normally prefer to stay? 

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