What Is My Favourite Part Of A Holiday? The Culture

July 25, 2017
If you asked me 'What is your favourite thing to do on holiday?' I would tell you seeing the culture, every single time. 

Whilst I do like a good resort, I just love going off the beaten track. 

When I think about why I favour culture, it comes as no surprise. I loved education because I loved learning. For me, it was exciting finding out what a metaphor meant in Literature or how to do a maths equation. Thus, learning about a place was really no different, giving me the rush that I felt once at school. 

When I travel I often visit a multitude of villages, towns and cities. My favourite part is straying from the centre where tourism is at large and move towards the back streets. That is where you get a glimpse of reality. 

Barcelona is a perfect example of this. Passeig De Gracia is a beautiful street, however, turn right,  walk for 5 minutes and you will come to a very different Barcelona, where locals speak Catalan and restaurants sell authentic Spanish tapas. 

Sometimes, I admit though the *real* culture of a location can be shocking and not in a good way. 
Compared to the glitz and glam of a city, you can often find severe poverty just a 100m away. You can see the divide between the tourist and civilian areas, which makes you question the reality of where you are really staying. 

However, I view this as a learning curve and an encouragement to try and scout out the genuine areas. Eating at local, independent cafes and restaurants is a good start and talking to the locals is beneficial, giving you an insiders view. 

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Would love to hear what your favourite part of a holiday is?

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