Visiting Marbella and Cabopino

July 27, 2017
Usually, when I go on a family holiday, we choose to stay away from the hustle and bustle generally picking a small local village. However, after the period of quiet, it is always exciting to visit the main areas. In this case, my Dad and I travelled out to Cabopino and Marbella. 

First, we arrived at Cabopino, a fishing town complete with a stretch of golden sand and a famous marina. 
The town despite being out of season was extremely busy, particularly the beach. However, this only added to its charm and contrasted with El Faro (where we were staying).

Yet, my favourite part of Cabopino was the boardwalk which takes you across the nature reserve. The nature reserve overlooks the ocean providing you with unmissable views of Africa, Gibraltar and Marbella. 

If you are visiting Cabopino I would recommend around 3 hours which will leave you enough time to visit the marina, beach, reserve and have a spot of lunch. 

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Nevertheless, the highlight of my holiday was Marbella. Despite, being one and a half hours away from Fuengirola, the coach journey (not helped by it being 36 degrees Celsius) was worth it.

Marbella is an authentic Spanish city that mixes the archaic with the modern. You will find digital boards in the shopping area, yet be completely technology free in the Old Town. 

Unlike Capobino, Marbella wasn’t too busy and was very accessible in terms of getting around. Whilst we didn’t spend too long there, we got a flavour of what the city was about and it is a MUST when visiting the Costa Del Sol. 

You can see in more detail what I got up to in the vlog down below: 

Have you been to Marbella? 

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