Debunking The 'Summer Body'

July 28, 2017
Yes, it’s that time of years where women become bikini clad and men strip to their shorts. For most of us, this is a daunting time, especially for those like myself who failed in pursuit of the summer body. 

Many say that “summer bodies are made in the winter”, but why can’t ‘summer bodies’ be made in summer. In fact, why do they have to be just ‘summer bodies’ surely we want to be fit all year round?

The whole concept of a ‘summer body’ I believe is a really negative way of looking at fitness. We see magazines plastered with diets - Atkins, lemon, wheatgrass (ew) of how to get the ‘perfect model’ body. This is not a long term way of sustaining weight loss (if that’s your goal) and can damage your metabolism meaning the future weightless becomes harder. 

Also, how do we define a summer body? If we pick it apart all it tells us nothing. Yet, the phrase is filled with connotations of thigh gaps, abs, six packs and a peachy bum, or otherwise looking like a Hollister model. 

So, my aim for this summer is to improve my fitness and health paving the way for a healthy autumn and winter leading into 2018. 
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What are your feelings on the ‘summer body’? 

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