17 And Going Abroad Without Adults - Tips and Tricks

July 12, 2017
As the holiday season is looming, a growing question being asked is "I am 17, can I travel abroad alone?"
The answer is yes!

However, there are a few things you need to know... 

Both 17 and in Dublin
I was advised at Liverpool Airport that if I were to travel alone as a minor (under 18) without any accompanying adults, I would need a 'Child Travel Permission Letter'. This is a document written and signed by your parents/guardians saying that they give you permission to leave the country. Whilst, I wasn't quizzed once during my trip to Dublin, I was on a return trip to Liverpool, so it is always worth to have just in case. 
To get legal information, guidelines and a template of the permission letter: click here.


Always give your parents/guardians the contact information of the hotel, flight times, the person you are travelling with etc. 
I cannot describe to you how important this is, especially as a minor due to general safety and insurance.


If there is no one aged 18+ on your trip very few hotels/hostels will allow you to be guests. You need to check the terms and conditions of the place you are staying to see whether they allow minors. Claire and I stayed at a Premier Inn as they categorise an 'Adult' as 16+. However, this did mean travelling for 25 minutes to go to the city.


Be smart and savvy; no longer have you got your parents/guardians to protect you. Scope out for yourself beforehand where any dodgy areas are and avoid them. 
Additionally, if visiting a city I would advise for you to carry a cross body bag for security, in case of pick-pockets. 

✿ ❀ ✾ ❁ ❊ ❦ ❧ ✽

It may be daunting, but don't let it stop you. 
Live the adventure!


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