1 Year Of FlareAForte

July 09, 2017

This time last year, I was frantically asking friends and family whether I should start a blog. It was something I had wanted to pursue for awhile and the only thing holding me back was self-doubt. 

However, as someone who wishes to be a journalist, the one thing I craved was to have a creative space of my own. 

So, I bit the bullet. 

One year later and I am still happy with my decision. 

Whilst, I have definitely had my fair share of plateaus due to ongoing exams, the opportunities I have been granted are incredible. I have teamed up with businesses, collaborated with other creators and most importantly corresponded with those of similar interests to myself. 

Likewise, I can't tell you my joy every time I receive an email alerting me to someone commenting, liking or sharing a Blog Post/YouTube video. 

Similarly, the positive response I have had towards my blog and channel have been incredible and so uplifting. 

On that note-  
As Sigourney Weaver in 'Working Girl' stated "This is a two-way street" I aim to produce content that you will all hopefully enjoy and learn something from. 

Thank you, 

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