Politics Influence Over Fashion - Samantha Cameron and Preen

May 25, 2017
We have seen thus far, how the First Lady's Of America have used fashion to their advantage. On the other side of the pond; Samantha Cameron (wife of former Prime Minister, David Cameron) focussed her fashion on communicating themes and opinions to the general public. 

Her clothing choices often aligned with her husband's movement throughout his leadership.
Mrs Cameron's most notable outfits were created by Preen, the Isle of Man designers who were advocates of remaining in the European Union. 

Credit: Herworldplus

Pre-Brexit, on David Cameron’s return to Number 10 in 2015, Cameron wore a striking blue, lime and black a-line Preen dress, undoubtedly a shout and celebration to the Conservative party over their win. 

Credit: Jane Davidson

However, on a more sombre tone, Cameron completed her ‘narrative arc’ by wearing another Preen dress following the result for Britain to leave the EU. Despite the outcome, Cameron's dress demonstrated her consistent belief of remaining in the EU, shown by selecting Preen, who still support to pursue a Britain partnered with the political and economic union.  

Photo: Rex 

Again, we can see how fashion proves its place, by subtly portraying messages and values to comment on political agendas. 

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