Politics Influence Over Fashion - Michelle Obama

April 10, 2017

Within this day and age, it seems like our lives revolve around politics, so it's no surprise that the fashion world is heavily influenced by political actions. Recently, we've been hit with the headlines that designers such as Zac Posen and Marc Jacobs are refusing to dress new First Lady, Melania Trump. 
However, politics and fashion have long been channelled together. 

The first time I remember recognising the coalition between the two manners was during Barack Obama's first presidency. His other half, the brilliant Michelle Obama was featured wearing a Jason Wu dress for the Inauguration Ball, launching Wu's career from an unknown identity to a household name.  

Obama helped many minority ethnic designers gain recognition for their art. Wu, originally from Taiwan and raised in Canada was thrust into the spotlight thanks to Obama's repeated callbacks for his designs, describing the experience as "once in a lifetime". 


As Barack Obama, furthered his presidential role, Michelle wore more symbolic designs. When meeting with the Indian Prime Minister, Obama wore a gown designed by Indian, Naaem Khan. Similarly, when in the United Kingdom Obama wore designers such as Christopher Kane; demonstrating respect for each foreign visit. 

Nonetheless, Obama issued a more poignant message of power and authority with her fashion choices. She illustrated her ability to reward those that work hard, asserting herself as a woman with an empowering message to share. 

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