February 10, 2017
Courtesy of Channel 4
Last night, at 9 pm on More4 the elusive fashion house, Dior graced our screens. 
The two-part documentary 'Inside Dior' gives viewers an exclusive invite into the fashion house, celebrating their seventieth anniversary. 

Much like the BBC Two documentary 'Absolutely fashion: Inside British Vogue' we receive a behind the scenes perspective of the hustle and bustle of fashion week and the challenges fashion brands face in communicating their outlook on the female identity. 


The first episode provided the backstory to Christian Dior himself speaking of how he created and envisioned the brand. It showed Dior's purpose was to help women feel elegant and special.

Following on in a chronological manner,  the programme skimmed over the previous creative directors of Dior, notably focussing on Yves Saint Laurent and Jean Paul Gaultier. Interestingly, the programme distinguished how each creative director differed, some created designs in mind of royalty, others for controversy. This section of the episode provided an eye-opening education of Dior's history, along with the opinions of editors we were able to see the impact Dior has had as a brand.

Finishing with the world of Haute Couture, we received a behind the scenes look into the atelier and it is here we meet the star of the show, Flo, "a woman of the Earth". What struck me about Flo was her passion and commitment to the brand, yet she managed to keep an emotional distance thus, not becoming invested. Similarly, the atelier is stripped of glamour, presenting it as a place where the sole focus is on creation allowing us to see a business perspective.

Overall, this was a brilliant first episode in the documentary mini-series, cementing the foundations for those who have no prior knowledge of Dior.


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