January 10, 2017


How quickly is 2017 going? It's already the 10th January! Anyway, I hope you're all having a brilliant start to your New Year. 
Recently, I visited one my favourite cities in the UK- York. This city is bursting with history and character, a definite must visit if you are ever in the UK. Anyway, whilst I was there I shopped (obviously!) and did a little bit of culture. 

When I went, there were Christmas Markets, providing a lot of atmosphere. There is nothing better than getting a Nutella Crepe when it's freezing cold! 

Here are a few photos from the trip: 

Looking back at these photos makes me feel so festive; shame it's January!

How good does everything look? 
Tell you what though, I bought two brownies; Jaffa Cake and Cookie Dough. I was expecting big things from the Cookie Dough and not much from the Jaffa Cake, however the cookie dough was definitely not my thing! Way too sweet (and that's coming from a self confessed choco-holic!) So, no Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough for me :( 

On another note, I went to a restaurant called Skosh in Micklegate. Talk about a dining experience! Basically York's version of Heston Blumenthal, the dishes were extremely unique, but still held the traditional flavours of what they were representing.


What did you get up to over the holidays? 

Also, make sure you check out my YouTube video from York to see what else I did!

Lottie x

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