Christmas in Liverpool

December 03, 2016

Apologies for the late post, but I've only just got back! Today, I went out with some old friends from school! We decided on Liverpool, which is a beautiful maritime city. The atmosphere was electric, all the shops were decorated, there were Christmas markets, music and mulled wine -if this doesn't get you in the Christmassy mood I don't know what will!? 

 Despite, visiting Liverpool many a time I had never been to the Albert Docks. Crazy right?! It was great to visit at this time of year, due to the lights, carousels and crepe stalls. They have a number of different restaurants and cafes coupled with museums. An amazing place to see! 
You can't have Christmas without John Lewis, whether that be the advert or the shop- in Britain they epitomise Christmas. My friends and I were saying, "The homeware section, has you lusting to have your own place". Whilst the decorations are expensive to buy, they are classic and timeless. 
However, if you are like myself and can't (legally) have your own place, you have to lust after something a little less extravagant...LUSH. Their Christmas collection is what dreams are made of, although, it seems to be everyones dream, as the staff had to contain the amount of people that could come in. Lets just say it was like being on the tube in rush hour... on a Friday night. Nonetheless, everything smelt divine! 

What did you do today? 

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