Has Wearable Technology Really Taken Off?

November 10, 2016
With the recent release of the new Apple Watch Series 2, I wanted to discuss the impending matter of whether wearable technology has actually made an impact in the fashion/technology world. 

The Google Glass was supposedly meant to be the game changer, it flopped. At first, I was taken aback by the concept, how great would it be to see your incoming messages and calls just pop up without any need for you to move your head?! The perfect lazy girl hack…. Then you see the design… 
Probably not everyones first thought, but I have spent a fortune on trying to perfect my eyebrows (still with no luck, but that’s not the point). The glass literally covers the whole strip of your brow bone. Bad mistake Google, brows literally can make or break your face. Undoubtedly, not a lot of people would be comfortable walking down to the local village with a piece of glass around their heads. 

Next came Oculus, campaigning for everyone to be involved in VR. If you thought the Google Glass was lacking in the aesthetic department, wait till you see this, covering your ears and eyes completely, there will be no such thing as love at first sight. Once again, we see a cool concept, but a bad design. 


More recently the smart watches have exploded and saturated the market, but to what success? Reported in July 2016, the Apple Watch sales fell by 55%, not what you would expect of a new Apple product. Similarly Guess’ Connect Smartwatch failed to wow the critics, often rated around the 2/5 mark, despite it’s rather appealing look. 


Perhaps, we could account the price of all these products to be their downfall. However last November, Topshop were hoping to change that. Topshop x bPay, created twelve accessory pieces consisting of stickers, keyrings, cases etc. These pieces of tech, allowed you to pay contactless. I can now report, TopShop now longer sell any of these items and towards the end of the run, reduced the pieces substantially by price.

What's your view?

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