Sorry Syndrome

October 03, 2016
You know when you log onto Facebook and you just see the dreaded 'wall' filled with updates such as "It's nearly winter! Love the cold" or "Just been to Tesco" - yeah those. Well today this picture popped up on my feed and it got me thinking, first of all 'There is actually something for once not idiotic on my feed', but secondly 'How often do I say sorry?!'

Think about it. Personally I fall victim to saying 'Sorry I'm just rambling', but why is it that when we say 'Sorry' in this context, it tends to be rather self degrading? It's like we are purposefully putting ourselves down- is it because of Social fear? Embarrassment? Pity? I'm not sure and like the image says, we shouldn't be apologising for simply existing. This is all to do with gratitude. It has been proven that if you are grateful you will be psychologically in a better mental health state, which would suggest why Urban Outfitters are all about the 'Gratitude Journal' craze at the minute. 

My challenge for any of you reading this post, is instead of saying 'Sorry' say 'Thank you'. This will leave you and the recipient feeling happier. 

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