University Of Manchester

October 02, 2016

As a seventeen year old British teenager, I am entering the current period of my life where I make the fundamental decision of what I am actually going to do with my life aka University, Gap year, Job... Nowadays, there are degrees in abundance, thus visiting an open day is the best way to find out if the university is for you.

So, today I plodded off to the University Of Manchester open day to have a gander at a few courses and I was extremely impressed.

The campus is stunning
I was captivated by some of the modules the courses had to offer, allowing for lots of diversity. Likewise, to the cosmopolitan city described by one of the lecturers as a "Mini London".

We also got this free canvas bag- love a good freebee! 
For lunch, we headed to Christies Bistro, situated near the Samuel Alexander Building. Where we were delighted to find wine on the list! I wish I could have taken a photo as this was such a beautiful classic bistro.

Bikes = Uni
After we finished at the university, we headed into Manchester City Centre. My mum (who hadn't been there in years) was pleasantly surprised by how modern the city had become. We also grabbed some more food at the Manchester pop up market and wow was it delicious!

So, that was my day- how was your first day of October? 
Lottie x

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