Travel Diaries : Torquay

September 07, 2016
There I was on a cold, chilly morning in South East Devon waiting on the platform for my train to arrive. Happiness was brought when I was greeted with Wi-fi on the South West Trains- WIFI!!! This may seem silly, but up north you're lucky if you get a train seat that hasn't been vandalised. Anyway I digress, my aim was to visit the 'English Riviera' a place that had always brought happiness as a child- in particular Torquay.
A sea side town with slight resemblances to a more upmarket Blackpool, you get everything. Shops, amusements, fish and chips and of course my favourite- the aquarium!
Living Coasts is set on the marina just off the main streets and it ain't no Sea World my friends. What I have always loved about Living Coasts, even as a seven year old was the ethics behind the company. The animals are treated to the highest standard and have a large outdoor space, replicating their natural habitat. The whole concept is to learn about animals in captivity and in the wild and how we can protect them by making simple changes in our daily lives.

Here are a few piccies I took on my day out...

Have you ever visited Devon? 
L x

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