Luxury Fashion Trends : September 2016

September 05, 2016
This September we see the 'Flapper Style' come back into fashion, meaning the bolder the better. Not just through clothing, but also makeup. Here is the lowdown on the trends for this September...


As you will see later on, Karl Lagerfeld has been killing it this season. Combing feather lashes with soft knitwear exudes an A/W look. Moving away from the practical element of warm wear, Lagerfeld emblazons Chanel rivet studs throughout the garment, making the traditional knitted jumper stylish. 


Kris Jenner is that you?! Of course not, this is Kendall Jenner a current muse to Lagerfeld himself. Within this campaign we see the conventional A/W fur with the stoole, however combined with a Art Deco renaissance by colour blocking throughout the outfit. Not forgetting a trick, Lagerfeld makes sure to include this seasons 'ruffle rave' contouring the leather on the Fendi Peekaboo for a unique approach. 


I honestly believe this has got to be one of Michael Kors' best collections. Timeless elegance is demonstrated within this look. The fur jacket, oversized sunglasses and classic slingbacks provide for a show-stopping look. 


Moving away from a lot of other designers, we are welcomed back to the militarian look subverting their property, but still creating power. Givenchy works on the traditional blazer jacket and finishes with a structured bag. An intimidating, yet awe-some piece. 

What are your favourite trends for this A/W? 

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