LUSH Christmas 2016

September 01, 2016
Is anyone else still reeling from the discontinuation of Cinders bath ballistic and snowcake soap? I may or may not have secretly stocked up despite being on a 'Lush spending ban!' This year LUSH has included every innovative idea for a bathing product imaginable including a 'Face Jelly'- Oh my gosh, whatever's next!?

Hats off to LUSH though for releasing 'Snow Castle' with a similar scent to Snowcake Soap. I will definitely be picking this bad boy up! I always feel when LUSH releases their collection in store it makes me feel ever so more festive, what about you? 

*These screenshots were not taken by me and with consent from the owner lushie_girl I have used them. Accordingly LUSH released the catalogue too early the leaking their products. In no way am I trying to 'spoil' the brands upcoming launch, I am a devoted LUSH fan and would not wish to jeopardise their collection. 

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