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August 11, 2016

As a 17 year old British girl, I feel I should have already visited my own capital by now!! However, we have never had the time and with train tickets costing over £300 for a return it seemed an expensive trip for one day. Suddenly, I received this beacon, this bold lettered email in my mail box stating Virgin trains were having a humongous sale on all their train tickets! This was my chance! Thus, I skeptically clicked the link and was transported into a realm of deals… and there it was a £20 return ticket to London Euston… as you can imagine, I booked it within seconds. 

This is what lead me to a action packed, beautiful day in London… a day which I will never forget.

Travelling on the notable big red busses in London, we visited all the landmarks; Tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben. Nevertheless, I could not hold back as the inner girly girl raged in me after skimming past Oxford Street. My only way to get back was by taking… The tube. 
I have heard numerous horror stories and quite frankly my desire to go on the tube was slim to none, but I could not pass the opportunity for a shopping trip. Reporting back now, I loved the tube!! I ended up going on it seven times! I would like to thank the British bulldog sat next to me on my first train ride, literally could you get anymore British!! 

Once I arrived, suddenly a cyclist sped past me. Yet it wasn’t the cyclist which caught my eye, it was the bike that did. “Meet Alexa Chung 5pm Marble Arch M&S” . It was a sign. 
For me, Alexa Chung is a major and I mean major style icon, hence I could not pass up this opportunity, so off I went at 4pm (just in case). Thinking stupidly might I add that I would be the first one there, I was astounded and slightly saddened at how many people had been queueing. A security guard passed by me commenting “Only the first 150” , had I lost my chance?
The answer to that, no! I was number 59 ( I must have over exaggerated the numbers of people in my head) and after being given a bag and a free cookie, I was already elated! What I then didn’t expect is to get approached by journalists and paparazzi asking whether they could take my picture and why I was there.. my answer “ITS ALEXA CHUNG”. To this day, I have been too scared to look online to see if there are any pictures of me surfacing the internet ( After walking round London for seven hours, I doubt I would be looking my best). Meeting Alexa though, has to be the highlight, she took her time asking me about my future plans and telling me off her first time in London, which was hilarious!! She is an amazingly, lovely down to earth person, who has definitely rebranded M&S for the better. 

Ergo, that was my very busy, surprising day in London. Have you ever been? 

L x
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