Beauty On Trial : August 2016

August 28, 2016
With ‘Beauty On Trial’ being one of my most successful blog posts of July, undoubtedly I would have to try out some new products this August to share with you!
This month has been an exciting one with the elusive wait for Benefit's new eyebrow collection and Kylie Cosmetics furthering the quest for plumper, bold lips- beauty has been on everyones mind. 

Firstly, we are starting with the Garnier Moisture Match. Bluntly, it wasn’t anything special which is why I want to move on from it. Yes it sank in and felt fine on the skin, but that was about it. There was nothing bad about the product, but nothing special either. Very much a ‘meh’ sort off product. 

Doing a straight comparison with the Garnier moisturiser, enter Clarins Multi-Active Jour. When I first opened the packet I was initially put off... To say it was heavily fragranced would be an understatement. Anyone like myself who has sensitive skin will know that when a skincare product is perfumed it is worrying, incurring usually a skin reaction of some sort. However, this moisturiser surprised me. Whilst being very moisturising, it sank in rather quickly. What I loved about this moisturiser was it made my makeup look lovely and dewy, which I rather like in the summer. Thus, Clarins obliterates Garnier in terms of quality. 

A highly anticipated launch this year was Benefits' new eyebrow collection. To be frank I quite liked the old range, but I’m always up for trying new products. As far as the product itself goes, it is impressive. The colour pay off onto the brows is great allowing for an easy transfer with the lightest of touches. For me, what makes this brow pencil one of the best is the angle of the product. Following the natural brow, the angle allows for no blotting in a specific area, making flawless brows easily attainable. 

When I first saw this Model Co lip liner I was excited. Big, plump lips thanks to Kylie Jenner are all the rage, so any product that can help me achieve her look I fully welcome on board! I would say that it made a ‘bit’ of a difference, but not a dramatic difference. If this lip liner had been £5 then I would say to try it out, but at £16… I just don’t think its worth it. 

I’ve never tried a BB cream let alone a BB cream for the hair, for me I couldn’t understand the concept? Simply this Dove Hair BB Cream is a leave in conditioner with a fancy name. The consistency of the cream was thick like a rinse out conditioner, again slightly worrying as build up would be likely. You put the cream on damp hair before styling. After blowdrying like usual, my hair was surprisingly really soft and straight. The real test was how it would stand up against the brutal British weather….not so well. The straightness had completely gone, but to give credit where due, my hair was still soft. I would suggest using the product, perhaps for an evening out, where the weather isn't going to be a factor. 

Are there any beauty products you could recommend, if so pop them down in the comments!
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