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July 22, 2016
Similarly to Bath, York is a stunning archaic city. A Roman city enveloped in the countryside with a religious background. Every street has a little snicket to transport you back even to the times of the fourteenth century. What I love about York, is you have the ability to leave the bustling city atmosphere in a matter of minutes. Whether that be going to the park or a country walk. Thus, York certifies as one of my top cities to visit in Britain.


The Minster is the true heart of the city. If you ask someone to name one thing in York, the Minster would probably be the first. Dating back to 637 AD, with some recent renovations, once you enter you will truly be in awe of the architecture and also the vastness. Particularly the height of the cathedral, imagine before they had machinery the lengths they would have to go to! Not only does the York Minster inside look incredible, but the setting is surrounded with greenery, trees, grass etc- you would never know you were in central York. 

Common to misconceptions you do have to pay to enter into the cathedral, for a student is £9.00 and for an adult £10.00 however, there is the option to a combined ticket which will allow you access into the Minster and the Tower for around £15. (Probably not good for those who don't like heights!)

Location: York Minster, Deangate, York, YO1 7HH


A famous street, no not Hollywood boulevard but, The Shambles! An old street with overhanging buildings that proves to be nothing less than a spectacle, with some dating back to the 14th century. Truly unmissable. Also if you go on one of the Ghost tours around the city, you will find out some spooky facts....
Price: Free


If you are wanting a get out from the city. Then the park where York museum is situated proves to be a beautiful hotspot. Featuring multiple gardens and structural buildings, it is perfect for picnics. Concurrently the canal situated next to the park again is a pleasant walk to gather thoughts, leading once again to another park/field area with picnic benches. 


Patisserie Valerie proves to be excellent for breakfast. If wanting a pastry and those with a sweet tooth I would suggest the Apple Danish, however the most exquisite breakfast I have ever had was the Apricot, Sultana and Maple syrup porridge. Oh my gosh. It is incredible and leaves you feeling full for the rest of the morning. Slightly on the pricey side, but definitely worth a visit, even if you just leave with a cake for later. 

After having dinner at a number of restaurants, the one I keep on coming back to is La Strada an Italian restaurant that does the best garlic mushrooms and pasta that I have had. We always opt for the window seat looking out onto Petergate. The restaurant itself has a nice, calm atmosphere. The restaurant is dimly lit with candles allowing for ambience. The staff are very pleasant and accommodating. For those on a budget you can use your Tesco clubcard points at this restaurant, turning a 3 course meal into a free meal! :)


I have found the Petergate area to be particularly specialised in high end fashion. Exhibiting shops such as Mulberry, LK Bennet etc, for those with a bit of money to splurge, you will find Petergate to be your place. Petergate also is quite a narrow, cobbled street that provides a lot of characteristics. When visiting I always try to stay in this area.

We have to mention Fenwick's department store, containing all your favourite beauty brands and also I desirable collection of handbags including Mulberry, Michael Kors, Longchamp to name a few. I have to admit Fenwick's is probably the most impressive department store in York, just because of the wide variety of renowned clothing and beauty brands. Also the Christmas lights display is just gorgeous!
York has a quaint collection of boutiques, for those into fashion I would suggest looking around the Coppergate area. However, the boutiques are not for those who are on a budget. In one of the boutiques the average price for a jacket was £300.00 so not exactly high street, but the quality is incredible nearly everything is hand stitched, so any purchases would definitely prove to be a worthy investment.

Thank you for reading, if you have any recommendations of any places to visit in York, please leave your suggestions in the comments! 


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