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July 30, 2016

One of my favourite cities within England featuring beautiful Georgian architecture is Bath. With a mixture of archaic and modern buildings as you head towards Southgate, this city suits both the elusive and the modern man. Surrounding the city is the languorous countryside allowing for a non oppressive feeling compared to locations such as Manchester and London. Here I give you my roundup of some of the best places to visit whilst in Bath.

If anyone knows me, they will tell you that I am obsessed with Jane Austen's novels, Pride and Prejudice being my favourite. So of course when I came to Bath, I knew I had to see the Jane Austen centre. For Austen, Bath had played such a pivotal part of her life, which can be seen in two of her novels, Persuasion and Northanger Abbey. The centre tells all about her life and for any literary fan, it  is imperative that you should visit.

Not the cheapest if with a family, an adult ticket averages at about £11.00 and for a student around the £8.50 price range.

40 Gay Street, near Fine and Country estate agents.
This was my highlight when visiting Bath! Consisting of fashion from Georgian times to the contemporary modern. You see designers such as Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel 1999, Queen Victoria's mourning outfit and much more. On arrival you will be given a handset, and at each exhibit there will be a code you type in, resulting in a plethora of information you would never have thought of- How many people were involved in the design, the cost, the importance of the gown etc. An unmissable visit for any fashion obsessed. You also get the opportunity to try on a Victorian style outfit proving great fun!

When I went, I bought a combined ticket, giving a discount if also visiting the Roman Baths and Victoria Art Gallery costing as a student £18.00 and for an adult £21.00. For those just wanting to visit the Fashion Museum a single adult ticket is £8.75.

Located opposite and within Bath Assembly Rooms.

Perhaps what Bath is most notable for is the Roman Baths. Even for those who are not history boffins (aka myself) I even found the Baths extremely interesting. The pivotal building for public bathing was built around 60-70 AD and has been renovated since. It is astonishing the amount of detail and the structure of the site. The hot springs are captivating to view and are surprisingly warm. You will also see a mixture of other historical pieces that have been found around Bath, such as coins that were buried and then forgotten about! (Who forgets about where they've hid their money!!??) and also some of the temples original structure. 

Again I would recommend buying the combined ticket as above, but for those just wanting to visit the Baths a single adult ticket is between £15-15.50 depending on season of visit. Not the cheapest again for a family, but well worth the money. 

Literally right next to Bath Abbey, if stuck ask and it is certain that someone will be able to direct you. 

I would suggest heading down to the more modern end of Bath in Southgate, here you will find an abundance of high street shops including Toyshop, Debenhams, Kurt Geiger, Kiko etc. 
Remember if a student a lot of the shops will discount based on you being a member of either UniDays or NUS. 

If looking for just one place, I would suggest staying in the Milsom Area. Featuring designers such as Ted Baker, Hobbs, Jaeger and French Connection. Really not a place to miss. Also just to mention the staff in Ted Baker could not be more accommodating, one young lady despite us not buying, told us all about Bath and talked to me about the Fashion industry and the role of Ted Baker. 
Grace and Ted. This was probably the best shop you could visit if you love high end designers at a fraction of the price. Here you will find second hand and vintage clothing that looks brand new. When I visited I bought a gorgeous pair of boots and lusted over the Mulberry Bayswater. The boutique is owned by a mother and daughter, again the woman who helped me with the boots was so helpful. 

Location: 10 Kingsmead Square (if I can remember correctly the shop was opposite Boston Tea Party) 
BOSTON TEA PARTY - Breakfast and Brunch
I would suggest ordering the Sweetcorn Hash for brunch.
Choose your own salad consisting of all different combinations, I remember having tomato salsa quinoa!!
Definitely for anyone no matter whether or not a vegetarian, the Gnocchi, literally one of the most presentable dishes I have ever been served which also tasted amazing. 

Thank you for reading, have you ever been to Bath? If so would you recommend anywhere different?

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