Vivienne Westwood Unboxing

July 16, 2016

As some of you may have seen on my Instagram (get that promo in!) I recently made an exciting purchase off ASOS. Previous to the purchase I was ignorant to the amount of new brands ASOS now stock. Calvin Klein, French Connection, Boohoo... it really is a one stop shop. Anyway this blog post isn't about ASOS it is about my new card holder!

If like me, you lust for a Chanel Card Holder with grained calfskin and gold metal (desperate much?!), but can't quite afford to spend £230, then this Vivienne Westwood one is an exacting match, at a fraction of the cost.

Literally as soon as I opened the box and saw this dusty pink tissue paper with the trademark orbs, I felt like Carrie Bradshaw when she receives her wedding dress, it twas a magical moment...

OH WOWZAS!! There it is, this beautiful card holder of loveliness, again placed in the centre of the box with the orbs surrounding. As soon as I saw the silver orb on the card holder it was love at first sight! What really stood out though was the same grained leather as the Chanel Card holder.

Within the card holder there is a barcode for returns, a mimic card, and a care card. One of the things that makes Vivienne Westwood different to other designers is her ethics. The animals leather this has come from are "Adult animals raised in free grazing conditions." As a vegetarian this is comforting to know. The card holder has a staggering seven card slots all lined with a red silk, great for any shopaholics like myself.

Very faintly on this picture, you can see the imprinted Vivienne Westwood logo which gives a nice finishing touch without being overt. Like all soft leather goods, the card holder is prone to scratching however, I personally quite like this as it takes away any clinical look and adds a sense of admiration for the accessory.
As stated I purchased my card holder off the ASOS website, however the accessory is not in stock. If you are looking for this or something similar (they do different colours) Selfridges are currently selling the card holder for £50.

Would you spend £230 on a card holder?
L x

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