Smart and Fashionable Outfit

July 06, 2016

For parties I often would wear a dress, however tonight I was going out to a restaurant and I needed an outfit which was conservative, but still stylish. After looking on Pinterest etc, I struggled to find something with that edge, but I feel like this ensemble would be perfect for any occasion. 

The main body of the outfit consists of a Primark Black Cami Top, paired with Mango Camel Cigarette pants and a Boohoo Blazer. If anyone is looking for cigarette pants, make sure you buy the straight leg, fitted ankle trousers, which will provide a gathered finish. I love the trousers which give a slim-lined look to your legs and appear effortless with a loose belt. The blazer from Boohoo is cropped, taking away the 'office look' and instead enhancing the outfit, by framing your chest. 

Aren't these Steve Madden shoes incredible though?! A pointed toe and cutaway avoids a heavy look and again provides a slimming effect to your legs. Also for those who aren't a great fan of stilettos, the heel is around 2-3 inches so, there are no issues when walking. Made from black leather, a reflective shine is given, matching the blazer. 

As for accessories, I kept it neutral, using only golds and silver. The necklace is a gold tinted oval chain from NewLook and the bangles are from Ark. The jewellery just adds that hint of colour to the outfit, to give a more nighttime feel. 
Thank you for reading, enjoy your night! 

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