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July 08, 2016

As you may have noticed I have a slight bit of an obsession with LUSH, in my defence I have been an avid fan since I was ten. For me, Lush epitomises everything anyone could want in a brand- ethically correct, charitable, lovely staff, glitter and most importantly its just a fun company, with fun products (only Lush fans will get the pun!) This post gives a run down of my collection and what products I love and which ones you should maybe give a miss...


Top Row (L-R): Porridge, Reindeer Rock
Bottom Row (L-R): Bohemian, Angel's Delight, Sweetheart Soap
Soaps are probably my favourite LUSH products, they all smell exquisite and call me sad, but because the soap is made in a giant wheel, you never know what pattern/cutting you will receive. I find the most exciting soaps tend to come out around Christmas, I still have a beloved, wrapped piece of Snowglobe soap (not pictured) in my collection. However, as for the permanent collection, if you love citrus scents, you will adore Bohemian soap, lemon scented with slight orange undertones- the perfect summer scent. However, despite having amazing exfoliating qualities and a luxurious creamy consistency, I just can't abide the smell of Porridge. After looking on the Lush website they state the smell is a mixture of orange and oatmeal, personally all I can smell is the oatmeal, but the smell is just a personal preference, as the product itself is of a high quality standard especially for the price. [£3.25 for 100g]


(L-R): The Olive Branch, Snow Fairy, Twilight, Happy Hippy 

A further shower product, are the shower gels. Featured here are two permanent scents and two christmas specials. I'm sure any Lush fan will be shocked to see that I still have some of Snow Fairy left, for anyone who is unknowing, Snow Fairy is one of the bestselling products Lush have ever produced. A bright pink gel, with blue iridescent glitter, that smells like candy floss- literally what girl wouldn't love this product! 


Top Row (L-R): Star light Star bright, Shooting Star
Middle Row (L-R): Think Pink, Sakura
Bottom Row (L-R): Fluffy Egg, Cinders, Father Christmas

Literally, as I am writing this blog post I am shocked to see how many bath products I have, even though I don't actually own a bath! Crazy right!? Luckily, I stay over at my Grandma's frequently and she has a bath (my saviour) so, I do use the bath products! Counting the days till the Christmas Collection comes out, I can't wait for Cinders to hopefully reappear, with red popping candy, and a cinnamon and almond scent, the bath bomb is meant to represent Christmas and it sure does, reminding me of the crackling fire and the spice smells of the festive period.


Vertically Left(B-T): Each Peach and Two's a Pair,  FUN
Right: Charity Pot
Next up, are the body products. If I could pick one it would have to be Charity Pot Body Lotion, not only is the scent one of my favourites, prominently shea butter that has amazing staying power, the lotion also leaves your skin feeling silky soft. Personally, I don't have dry skin, but according to some of the reviews online this product has even helped people with their eczema! Even better all proceeds go to charity. With the option to buy a 10g trial (pictured), 45g or 240g respectively £1.00, £3.50 and £13.50 there is no excuse not to try this product out.


(L-R): The Sacred Truth, Mint Julips, Sweetie Pie, Jasmine and Henna Fluff- Eaze

Last up are a few miscellaneous  products, sadly one that did not live up to expectations was the hair treatment Jasmine Henna Fluff- Eaze, I found that it actually made my hair flat and after a day, a smell of dried out jasmine started to resonate in my hair, proving a nightmare to wash out as the scent lasted a week. On the other hand, I LOVE SWEETIE PIE why they have discontinued it I do not know, a mixture of coconut, cherries and the same blue iridescent glitter that Snow Fairy features. However, do not worry as you can still buy a similar product, The Comforter Bubble Bar is now available in shower cream form and is part of the permanent collection, sharing the same scent as Sweetie Pie.

Thank you for reading this very long blog post! Hope you enjoyed.


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